Columbia Helicopters

Headquartered in Aurora, Oregon, Columbia Helicopters has more than 50 years of history in the helicopter business and developed the Direct Visual Operational Control (DVOC) technique now used by operators world-wide.

About Columbia Helicopters

Company founder and World War II veteran Wes Lematta was using one of his helicopters to place wood poles for a power line project back in 1960. He tried a new idea using a long attachment line and leaning out of the left side of the helicopter to look directly at the load and the ground. Today, the Direct Visual Operational Control (DVOC) technique and pilot bubble windows testify to the success of Lematta’s innovation.

A leader in helicopter logging, Columbia annually yards more timber than any other company. Additional operations include construction, petroleum exploration support, wildland firefighting, disaster recovery, habitat restoration and the occasional Hollywood movie gig. With a world-wide fleet of more than 30 aircraft and approximately 800 employees, Columbia continues to build on its decades of achievement in the heavy lift helicopter industry.

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