Oregon’s Heavy Lift Helicopter (HLH)

In Oregon, five industry leaders have harnessed their combined forces to develop a comprehensive program of preparedness planning, cooperative training, advanced technology development, and effective utilization of Oregon’s heavy lift helicopter assets.

Industry Leaders

Formed in 2006, the Oregon Heavy Lift Helicopter Consortium now accounts for 85 percent of the world’s HLH industry.

Disaster Response

This strategic collaboration allows for an unparalleled disaster response. With a centralized contact point, the Oregon Heavy Lift Helicopter Consortium is the industry leader in fire suppression and disaster recovery work. Through collaboration with state and regional government, the consortium is blazing a trail toward efficient and effective disaster and emergency response.

Leveraging the Power!

When a heavy load must be moved and the terrain is challenging or the destination remote, an HLH gets the job done. It’s all the power you need, exactly where and when you need it. Leveraging the power and the adaptability within the Oregon Heavy Lift Helicopter Consortium allows environmentally sound timber harvesting, power transmission line construction, habitat restoration, environmental reclamation, petroleum exploration and general heavy lift construction.